Häufig gestellte Fragen und Antworten

You have questions about Qurdo? Here you find the most frequently question and answers. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!

What differs Qurdo from another marketing instruments?

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

How safe is Qurdo?

German privacy is important to us. That’s why we use server technologies from the German Telekom.

Which payment methods exists?

You can pay with Paypal and by credit card. You’ll receive an invoice as PDF.

How can i cancel my subscription if i don’t like Qurdo?

Just go to Configuration -> Account. There you can cancel your subscription easily with one click.

Can I use the same QR code on other trade fairs?

The same QR code can be used at other trade fairs. You don’t have to generate new QR codes for every trade fair. Qurdo automatically detects, at which trade fair the visitor has scanned your QR code and assigns it according to the event.

A mistake was found in our marketing documents, can I correct this?

You can update the documents any time without changing the QR code. This gives you full flexibility and practically no time pressure, because the documents do not have to be printed and you can correct any mistakes even after the trade fair.

Can Qurdo app users share our documents with other users?

Qurdo users can share scanned brochures with other users ensuring that your marketing material can be copied easily.

Which data of our visitors do we see?

With the scan the visitors decide, which data they want to release and which not. You then see either anonymised data, or the entire data. This is similar to a business card, which you either receive or not. However, with Qurdo you have the advantage of being able to send an additional offer and  a request to  unblock the data to the anonymous customer. In addition, your contact data is available for the customer in his smart phone at any time.

What do our customers need to do, to use Qurdo?

Ideally all your customers install Qurdo before the trade fair. You can, for example, suggest this in your trade fair invitation. If visitors scan a Qurdo QR code with a foreign reader, these are transferred to a landing page. From there they can install the app via the store. With the Qurdo app the visitors can then take the documents with them.

How do I get the contact data of my visitors?

You can export the contact data of your visitors any time from our management system, or we e-mail them to you after the trade fair. With our business package you have the option, to automatically transfer the contacts to your CRM system.

How accurate are the address data of the leads we generate?

The respective Qurdo users have provided the address data themselves. These contain gender, first name, surname and e-mail. Company, telephone number, position and address data are optional, further address data depends on whether the user provides them or not.

What about other countries, other than Germany, can I use Qurdo there as well?

You can use Qurdo for your company at all trade fairs worldwide. Our system works in German and English and can therefore be used internationally.

We have very nice presentations; I would like to have QR codes for them as well!

What format are your presentations? Currently these can be uploaded to us and made available as PDF. In general you can upload every kind of document. Each document is assigned a unique QR code.

Where do I attach the provided QR code?

The QR code is available as a png or vector graphic, and can be printed. We can print the QR code with a label printer for you, and you attach it to the appropriate place.

  •   Brochure positioner
  •   Demo products
  •   Popup positioner on the table
  •   Directly on the presentation

If you have other ideas or proposals, please contact us to discuss them with you.

How much does Qurdo cost my visitors?

Qurdo is completely free for your trade fair visitors.

Why should we use Qurdo if our visitors already use a trade fair app?

The trade fair apps are often only designed for that particular trade fair. After the trade fair the visitors usually delete the trade fair app and all contacts which were collected at the trade fair are lost. With Qurdo only one app is installed for all trade fairs worldwide. The information, where and when you met your visitor does not get lost.

Why should we use Qurdo if we already use QR codes?

QR codes offer many possibilities to create direct links. Compared to the classical QR code, the advantage of Qurdo is that your visitors do not need Internet access. If Internet access is available, all information is synchronized automatically. Another advantage of Qurdo is, that your visitors receive only the information of specific interest and not necessarily the whole homepage. If you link a document to be downloaded, it is stored somewhere on your smart phone. With Qurdo the document can be found easily on all devices. With Qurdo you can record more specific statistics than with a normal QR code.

Can I book Qurdo immediately for several trade fairs?

Of course you can book Qurdo immediately for several trade fairs. You can do this either quite comfortably via our management system, or simply phone us. If you can’t find a trade fair where you are exhibiting in our system, you can simply create it yourself. We include it in our system after we have checked it.

How does Qurdo and the QR code work?

Simply log in to our management system. After uploading your documents or media files you can generate a QR code. Every document or media is assigned a unique QR code. We can also generate a general QR code for all your documents.

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